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Apple MacBook Pro M1 + X-Plane 11 + iPad G1000 external display

Apple M1 (16G RAM)

Apple M1 Chip: Everything You Need to Know - MacRumors
Apple M1

Before all. I tested X-Plane 11 actual version (June 2021) which is not an Apple M1 optimized version, however, it runs perfectly smoothly even on battery, even on high-detailed graphics. You can’t imagine what this M1 can do. On my previous laptop, which was one before the last Intel i5 it was crap. All gfx must be on minimal to run as an enjoyable fps. 25. 25-ish.
But on M1? Truly amazed. Believe me, you can go for it. No, you have to! Worth the money. I mean the M1.

So, I’ve decided to buy for my IR training, and here we are.

X-Plane 11

X-Plane macOS BigSur Icon - Textures - X-Plane.Org Forum

Yeah, I hear you! Probably MSFS 2020 is the best, but I am an Apple guy, so I need something that runs on a Mac, on a MacBook to be precise as I come and go between countries.

What we have? Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: obviously it runs on Windows. And it needs a nuclear power plant GPU. Prepar3D: no thanks, only for PC guys. What’s left on the market? X-Plane 11.

Thank you, I pick this one, the only choice. So I didn’t walk into this church of my own free will, but because there was no other.

Let’s see the steps:

  1. get a cheaper X-Plane 11 or a discount code or anything how you can save a couple of bucks (and spend on add-ons). For example, look around here: https://gg.deals/game/x-plane-11/
  2. I bought one which sends you the game as a gift on Steam. It was $29. Hopefully, it is not a stolen one, but one thing matters, it is in my Steam account.
  3. Install, enjoy

…and 40 minutes later this is Cork (ORK, EICK) airport. This is it. That’s what you got in the package. Behind the airport, there is a business park in real life, well, we have a field, a cornfield here.

The iPad G1000

Here is a video worths thousands of word: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xePnu3MsBQ

The gist: if you don’t have a huge display (resolution) then you always have to move your head in the cockpit to fly and to watch the instruments. Pretty annoying. The solution? It was made for those guys who built their own homebrewed semi-cockpit in their house to have a decent display in the instruments panel. Solve it simply and elegantly. Use an iPad, put the G1000 PFD or Nav display on it, and boom, you have all the display, the knobs, buttons, switches on a touch interface. For 9.99.

  • We need Simionic app (iPad) and gateway (macOS or Win): https://www.simionic.net/wordpress/downloads/
  • The gateway is free, the iPad app is $9.99
The two connected

Add-ons, free:

Add-ons, paid:

CH Flight Sim yoke

Flight Sim Yoke

Well, I got lucky with this. I bought one on eBay for €58 + shipping, and to be honest, I am satisfied. 5 axis and 20 buttons. What else do we need to fly a basic SIR or STAR? Read more on their very modest website here.

Only one thing pop into my head: rudder pedals. Later, those are pricy.

How can I take off without pedals with a Cessna-172? (Slipstream causes the problem.) Well, I programmed pedals to one of the 20 buttons on the yoke. Not the best way, but I can live with this for now.

aug 20


Bajdázó – Lekapcsolom a villanyt a fejemben (Balaton Method)

Lekapcsolom a villanyt a fejemben,
Mécsest gyújtok a szívemben, fényeljen!
Ha a világ botránkozik énrajtam,
Akkor tudom jófelé visz az utam.

A szerelem az egyetlen igazság,
Az eget is szerelemmel ragasztják,
Hanem azzal a csillag is lepottyan,
Kőtáblává hasad széjjel a porban!

Megszületni a világra gyönyörű,
Benne lenni a világban gyönyörű,
De kiszületni a világból az a szép,
Elhagyni a csónakot a tengerért!

Sorsa felől mért aggódik az ember,
Úgyis csak az lesz, aminek lenni kell,
Mint a Duna érkezik az életünk,
Folyjék ahogy folyni akar nélkülünk.

Nincsen kívül, belül élünk egyedül,
Fénnyel hintett ágyon forgók, mint kiszül,
Magunk álma, képzelete fogva tart,
Nem ázunk, de viseljük a zivatart!

Illatokat megtagadni, de nehéz.
Rántott hús és bodzavirág az ebéd,
Azt álmodjuk, hogy sírunk és nevetünk,
Ágyunk fölött, mint a fecske fecsegünk.

Van mennyország és a síron nő virág,
Fölkel a nap minden reggel ragyog ránk,
Dirib-darab himnuszolja a madár,
Napról napra ágról ágra beljebb száll.
Dirib-darab himnuszolja a madár,
Napról napra ágról ágra beljebb száll.

aug 20

It starts now!

Well, anyway
This is therefore to say
Transformation of human consciousness
Through meditation
Is frustrated.

So long as we think of it in terms of something
That I, myself, can bring about
By some kind of wangle, by some sort of gimmick

Because you see, that leads to endless games
Of spiritual one-upmanship
And of guru competitions
Of my guru is more effective than your guru
My yogas are faster than your yogas
I am more aware of myself than you are
I’m humbler than you are
I am sorrier for my sins than you are
I love you more than you love me

And these interminable goings-on
About which people fight and wonder whether
They’re a little bit more
Evolved than somebody else, and so on
All that can just fall away

And then
We get this strange feeling
That we have never had previously in our lives
Except occasionally by accident
Some people get a glimpse
That we are no longer this poor
Little stranger and afraid in a world it never made

But that you are this universe
And you are creating it, at every moment

Because you see, it starts now
It didn’t begin in the past
There was no past
If the universe began in the past
When that happened it was now, see?
But it’s still now, and the universe is still beginning now
On it’s trailing off, like the wake of a ship from now
And as the wake of the ship fades out
So does the past

You can look back there to explain things
But the explanation disappears
You’ll never find it there
Things are not explained by the past
They’re explained by what happens now

Cheer up
You can’t blame anyone else
For the kind of world, you’re in
And if you know, you see that I
In the sense of the person
The front, the ego
It really doesn’t exist
Then it won’t go through your head too badly
If you wake up and discover that you are God

That’s the birth of responsibility
Because otherwise
You can always look over your shoulder and say
“Well, I am the way I am because my mother dropped me
And she dropped because she was neurotic
Because her mother dropped her”
And the way you go back to Adam and Eve
Or to disappearing monkey or something
We never get at it

Forrás: https://www.rockol.com/uk/lyrics-84292107/blondish-it-starts-now


Júl 18

Adobe InDesign ExtendScript hibák

JSON int – string fagyást okoz

Regexp pipe (or) fagyást okoz

aug 15

Új OS X konfig és telepítés


Leges-legelső művelet, hogy a piszok Natural-scroll-t kikapcsolom. Rettenetes, hogy fordítva megy minden. Táblán és telefonon (értintőképernyőn) frankó, mert ott az újjaddal húzkodva megy vele a kép. Na de képernyőtől távol levő felület az működjön csak a megszokottak szerint.

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aug 15

Új OS X telepítés béta után

Clean install, vadi új gép. Ennek kapcsán készítek egy listát magamnak (is), hogy ne felejtsek el semmit legközelebb, hogy mikor-mit-hogyan kell visszapakolni a munkához.

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máj 14

Ez a nap más, mint a többi, ezt Te is jól tudod

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nov 13

3.5 hónap után

Ezt tudtam összehozni…
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Sourcetree / Git ignore file permission

repo/.git directory
config file

filemode = false

jan 13

Ezeket meg kellene nézni

Cinematrix féle blockbusterek